How to create a follow up for a Lead in Apptivo?

Updated on February 28, 2020 03:54AM by Admin

Leads are important CRM tools to increase traffic in a business. It increases sales and conversion rates of business. Along with the generation of leads, it is also necessary to convert leads into customers. To succeed in this process, it is mandatory to follow up regularly. Apptivo allows you to create follow-ups for each record.

  • Create a new lead in the Leads App of Apptivo.
Leads Created

  • Once the lead is created, click on the follow-up icon from the Overview Page. Select Create to create a new follow up.
Create Followup

  • In the Create Follow Up page, add the follow-up date, reminder time, and description of the follow-up.
Followup Tab

  • Once the follow-up is created, you can see it is added to your My Follow-Up calendar.
Follow Up Created

  • You will be reminded on the specified date and time regarding the follow-up.