How to associate a case with another case in the Cases app?

Updated on February 28, 2020 04:22AM by Admin

Cases CRM tool is a software that assists in handling the customer grievances. There might be instances where a similar issue is reported by multiple customers. In those cases, we cannot open each case every time to handle it. Instead, you can use the associate case feature to get the work done. You can have all related cases associated with Cases App.

  • Go to Settings → Security → Actions → Enable Associated Cases. This will enable the feature to associate the cases.
  • You can also set the Privileges for who can associate the cases. Only those employees who have access can perform the action.

Note: The privileges have to be set from the Employees App for Employees.

Enable Cases
  • Now, either open a case or create a new case in the Cases App.
  • In the Overview page, you can see the Associated Cases table for the record.

  • Click on Add to link other cases with the present case.
  • In the Related Cases - Search and Select window, you can set the App as Cases and select a case for the association.
Related Cases

  • You can see the case is associated with the current case.
Cases Associated