How to associate Purchase Orders in the Kit Orders App?

Updated on March 2, 2020 03:39AM by Admin

Kit Orders App in Apptivo allows you to associate Purchase Orders with its Kit Orders. This allows the linking of information associated with the Kit Order. You need not navigate to the Purchase Orders App. Instead, the information is available in the Kit Orders App.

Before associating the Purchase Orders for Kit Orders, you have to configure it from the Settings page of the Kit Orders App.

  • Go to Settings → Kit Orders → Associated Objects. Here, you can enable the Associated Object feature.
  • You can enable the app (Purchase Orders App) with which Kit Orders App has to be associated.

For Instance: Consider creating a new Kit Order in the Kit Orders App.

Kit Order

Associating Purchase Orders

  • By default, a Purchase Order will be created as soon as a Kit Order is created.
Purchase Order

Note: A Purchase Order will be created automatically only if a Supplier is linked to the Kit Order.