When does an Email gets bounced?

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Bounced Contacts

Bounced emails refer to those emails which are not sent to the recipients. The email is generated by the sender but due to various reasons, the email is not sent to the recipient.

When does a contact gets bounced?

There are various reasons for the email to bounce back. The reasons are listed below.

  • The recipient email address does not exist. This may be because the entered email address has some typo or the recipient has left the particular organization.
  • The recipient’s inbox is full. If this is the case, then the email will not reach the recipient.
  • The recipient’s server is busy or under maintenance. Hence, the email has bounced back to the sender.
  • If the recipient has blocked a particular email address from which the emails are sent, then the email will not reach their inbox.

For Instance: Let us consider launching a Campaign from the Campaigns App.

  • Go to Campaigns App → select a Campaign to launch.

  • Navigate to the Target list section on the Overview page and select Add Target List.
Add Target List

  • Add the required Target list from the Add Target List tab.
Search Target

  • Once it is added, you can see the recipients added from the corresponding App.

  • You can see the list of valid and invalid email addresses. Now, launch the Campaign.
  • Once the Campaign is launched, navigate to the Dashboard section in the Campaigns App.

  • Here, you can see the list of emails sent. You can also see information on the number of emails sent, bounced, unsubscribed and blocked.
  • To see the list of emails bounced, select the Bounced option. You can see the list of emails bounced under each category.

  • The bounced status also gets added to the particular contact or customer.
  • On expanding a particular customer, you can see the status is updated as Bounced and the email is marked as undelivered in the Overview page.
Bounced Reason

  • Along with this, you can also see the reason why the email is bounced. Here, it is due to Incorrect service name.