What are Legal Entities and how to create Legal Entities in Apptivo?

Updated on March 3, 2020 04:31AM by Admin

Businesses have a number of child businesses associated with its parent business. However, each business is referred to as a legal entity. Apptivo allows you to create the legal entities from the Ledger App.

Creating a New Business in Apptivo

  • To create a new business in Apptivo, navigate to the Ledgers App. In the Ledgers App, select Settings → Ledger → Legal Entities. Select (+) icon to add a new business.

  • In the Create Legal Entity side panel, add the information related to your business like the Business Name, location, time zone, and currency.
  • You can also add the accounting information like Chart of Accounts, Calendar, and code for the business.
Create Legal Entity

  • Along with this, you have the ability to copy from the parent Business(Existing) to the Child business (New).
  • By default, if only one parent business is present, the configuration gets added to the child business. If not, you can select from the dropdown.
  • On selecting Create, a new Legal Entity is added to the Ledger App.
Entity Created

  • Select the User Menu from the top right and select Switch Business.
Switch Business
  • You can see a new business is created. Click on it to Switch to the new business.
New Business

  • On selecting Switch Business, you will be redirected to the new business account.