What is the use of Invoice # in the Supplier Invoices App in Apptivo?

Updated on March 6, 2020 02:40AM by Admin

Supplier Invoices in Apptivo allows you to create an Invoice based on the bill provided by the Supplier for the products ordered. Let us go through the below instance for a detailed picture of the scenario.

Consider you are a customer looking for 50 handmade baskets of the best quality. You communicate with different Suppliers who have the basket of your specifications. After comparing the estimates from different Suppliers, you decide to purchase from a Supplier called Age-Old Craft shop.

Once you place the purchase order, you will be provided with an Invoice for the product from the Supplier or Vendor. On receiving the Invoice, you have to communicate with your Finance department regarding the purchase and the department after processing and paying against the Invoice will generate a Supplier Invoice. Most of the Organizations make it mandatory to add the original Invoice number received from the Supplier in the Supplier Invoice for easy reference. In case of any confusion in the Supplier Invoice, you can refer to the Invoice from the Supplier for the solution.

Invoice Number