What is the use of Auto-update Toggle for the Ref app field?

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Estimates App from Apptivo helps you to create Estimates with the automated approval process. In addition, it allows you to Enable/Disable the Auto Update Toggle for the Ref app Field.

Consider estimates that have been created a month ago for a particular item, and there is a price change for that item now. For this scenario, the Ref app field helps us to understand the price change for the item and the auto-update toggle helps to control the price change in the old estimate calculation after the price update in the Items app.

  • Login and access the Estimates App from the Universal Menu.
  • Select an existing estimate from the List.

  • Here the Estimate is created for an item with the Auto-Update Toggle on.
Existing Estimate

  • Now, change the price for an item in the Items App.
Items App

  • You can view the price updated on the existing Estimate in the Ref App field.
Ref App Field

Steps to Disable the Auto-update Toggle

  • From the Estimates App, click on the More icon (...) and select the Settings.
Estimates App

  • Click on the Customize App Drop-down from the left panel and select the Master Layout.
Master Layout

  • Click on the Ref App Field, navigate to the Inspector Tab on the Right side.
Inspector Tab

  • In the Inspector Tab, under the Standard Behavior, you can view the Auto Update Toggle.
Auto Update Toggle

  • By default, the toggle will be Enabled. Disable the Toggle and Save the Changes.

  • Now, the price update will not get updated in the old Estimates. Here, change the price for an item in the Items App.
Price change

  • In the existing Estimate, the price in the Ref App field does not change.

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