How to generate a Supplier Invoice report by account status?

Updated on March 18, 2020 03:57AM by Admin

Supplier Invoices App in Apptivo has a comprehensive user interface where you can change the status of the Invoice. Right from the creation of a Supplier Invoice until the end, you can update the status. Along with this, you can generate a report based on the status of Supplier Invoices.

  • In the Supplier Invoices App, select Reports from the App header. You will be redirected to the Reports page.
  • In the Reports, go to General → Supplier Invoices by Account Status from the left panel. The "Supplier Invoices by Account Status" page will appear in the right pane.
Account Status

  • Add the necessary values based on which the records are to be filtered.

Account - Select the Supplier for whom the Report is to be generated.

Status - You can make use of this feature to filter out the records based on status.

Created From - Enter the start date from when the records are created.

Created To - Enter the end date until when the records are created.

For Instance: Consider a report is to be generated for Richard where the status of the Invoices is created. The date range is January 1, 2020, to January 31, 2020.

  • Select the View Report to generate the report.
View Report

  • To download a copy of the Report in .xls, click Export. You can download the report with All Fields and Current View.

All Fields

On selecting All Fields, you can download a report with all the attributes of the Supplier Invoices App.

All Fields

Current View

On selecting Current View, you can download a report with only the attributes displayed in the View Report.

Current View