How to Restrict the News Feed in the customer portal?

Updated on March 25, 2020 10:10PM by Admin

Apptivo provides the ability to add third-party customers to create and manage the cases, so they can log in and view the progress of the case details using their own account. In addition, you can set web portal actions for those customers from the Cases App.

Please follow the steps to set the Actions

  • Login and access the Cases App from Universal Menu.
  • Click on More(...) icon and select Settings.

  • Select General → Collaboration from the left panel.

  • In the collaboration page, you can view the Collaborations Actions like News Feed, Calendar, Follow-ups, Tasks, Call Logs, Emails, Notes, and Documents.

  • In the News Feed, you can Enable/ Disable toggle to view the News Feed in the Customer Portal.
Newsfeed Toggle

  • In the Privilege dropdown, you can view the Cases, View Cases, Manage cases and Create Privilege.

Note: Click here to know how to configure the customer Portal in the Cases App.

  • Once the Customer Role and Privilege access for the contact are set as Customer Service Manager, they will visible to the Newsfeed actions.
Add Role

  • In the Customer Portal, they can view News Feed for the cases app.
News Feed

  • Disable the Toggle in the Collaboration Newsfeed.
Disable Toggle

  • Now, in the customer portal, they can’t view the News Feed.
Customer Portal

Note: If you want to view the news feed in Apptivo and do not want to show in the customer portal, then you have to create a custom privilege and add a custom role depending on that.

Steps to create a custom Privilege and Role

  • Go to Cases app → Settings → Collaboration → News Feed.
Cases App

  • Click on the Privileges and create privilege.
Create Privilege

  • Add the Privilege name and click on the create button.
Create Button

  • Your Privilege will be created and select that in the Privilege.
Privilege Created

  • Now, go to the Employees app → Settings → Security → Roles. Click on the Create Role.
Employees App

  • In the Create Role pop up, add the role name and click on the Add.
Create Role

  • Here select cases app, add the roles Cases, View Cases, and Manage Cases. Do not select the privilege that is created.
  • Then, click on the Save.
Role Name

  • Now, go the contact those whom you want to restrict the newsfeed select this role.
Selected Privilege

  • Now, the contact who has this role and they cant view the News Feed in their portal.

  • View the changes in the Customer Portal. The Newsfeed will not visible in the Portal.

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