How do I view the Opportunity Loss Reason Details?

Updated on April 6, 2020 05:50AM by Admin

Apptivo’s Opportunites App allows you to get the Loss Reason Details when the Sales Stage is Changed to Closed Lost. It will help you to view and track the Loss Reason for the particular opportunity. Tracking the Loss reason is also the most important part of the sales, so you can get a clear view of why sales or opportunities are lost.

Let’s consider, manager Mr.Clay Jensen wants to view the loss reason for one of the opportunities whose status is Closed Lost. Please follow the steps to view the Loss Reason Details.

Steps to view

  • Login and access the Opportunities App from the Universal Menu.
  • Select the opportunity from the List for which the Status is Closed Lost.
Opportunities App
  • Click on the More Details to view the Overview Page.
More Details
  • From the Overview page, scroll down to view the Opportunity Loss Reason Details.
Overview Page