How do I configure the Summary Boxes in Apptivo’s Leads App?

Updated on April 6, 2020 07:47AM by Admin

Apptivo’s Views helps you to customize views by the set of objects or fields under specific criteria. Summary Boxes help you to customize the views with the additional field to get clear views about the data present. You can add the summary of Count, Sum and the Average of the data based on the conditions as per your business need. In addition, you can add this summary boxes in the standard and the Custom view also. You can add a maximum of 4 summary boxes.

Let's consider, the Sales Manager(Clay Jensen) wants to analyze the Leads data of one of the employee leads status by the Type, Sales Stage, Amount, and Probability of their leads. He can create a custom view to analyze the data as per the that easily he can view the summary of the leads on the home page itself. Please follow the steps to create a custom view for the Leads data.

Note: Summary Boxes is supported in the Ultimate and the Enterprise plans only.

Steps to Follow

  • Login and access the Leads app from the Universal Menu.
  • Click on the More (...) icon and select Settings.
  • Click on the Customize app from the Left panel and select Views.
Customize App
  • Click on the Create button to create a custom view.
  • Create view side pannel will get open. In the create view add the Title and Description.
Create View
  • Then, click on the Summary Boxes tab next to the Criteria and click on the Create Button.
  • In the Create Summarization Popup, you can add the additional filters for the custom view.
Create Summarizaton
  • In the Aggregation Type, Select the type whether it is in Sum, Count, or Average.
  • For this Mr.Clay Jensen have to add the Count for the Sales Stages, the sum for the Potential Amount and the average for the Potential Amount as well.
  • Depending on the Aggregation Type, you can select the Attribute from the dropdown.
Aggregation Type
  • In the Additional Filter add the attribute filter condition. Then click on the Create button.
Additional Filter
  • In the Preview Button, you can preview the box and you can customize the box with the Box Properties. For example, you can change the Label name, Background color, Text and Icon in the Box.
  • You can view the Created Summary Boxes on the List.
  • Then, Click on the Create button.
Create Button
  • You can view the Created Custom view on the Page Left Panel of the Leads Home Page.
Left Panel
  • You can view the Created view with the created Summary boxes.
Created View