How do I Print the Subproject from Project?

Updated on March 13, 2021 05:50AM by Admin

Projects App from Apptivo allows you to create subprojects inside the Master projects. Creating the Subprojects helps you to divide the work of the main Projects and assign them to the different teams. So that the project might fall into the set of sub-projects and each can be performed by the subset of the overall team. In addition, it will give an option to view and print the sub-projects.

Let's consider, Miss. Sarah Castro wants to take the list of Sub Projects created for a project for the report submission process. Please follow the steps on how to print the Sub Projects for a project.

Steps to Print

  • Login and access the Projects from the Universal Menu.
  • Select the Projects from the list and click on the More Details.
  • In the Project Overview page, scroll down to view the Sub Projects section.
Project Overview
  • From the Sub Projects section, click on the Print icon under the Actions.
Sub Projects
  • By clicking on the print icon, you can view the Print preview and click on the print option.
Print Preview