How to disable delete feature in Bulk Actions in Apptivo?

Updated on April 25, 2020 04:06AM by Admin

Bulk Actions feature is created with the motive to perform a single action in multiple records at a time. This feature is available across all the apps of Apptivo. With Bulk Actions, you can delete, update, export, and remove values. If needed, you can also hide a particular feature devised in Bulk Actions.

Jane is the Manager of FDX Enterprises. In his business, Employees deal will different items whose variables are completely different. Here, it becomes difficult to track if employees perform Bulk Delete operations. To avoid this, he has hidden the delete operation from the View Builder.

Steps to disable Delete Feature

  • In Items App, go to Settings → Customize App → Views. In the Views pane, select the view whose Delete option has to be disabled. Here, Show All.

  • Update View side panel will come forth. Scroll down to the Bulk Actions section. By default, all the options are enabled.
Update View

  • Disable the Delete option in the View Builder.
Delete Disabled

  • You will be notified that the view is updated.
View Updated

  • Now, navigate to the Show All page in the Items App. Select a particular contact and select Bulk Actions. The delete feature is hidden.
Show All