How do I Configure eSignature for Contracts App?

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Apptivo's Contracts App provides you a simple contract management tool. It will allow you to customize your contracts and store your information very effectively. It will help you to search your contract and identify upcoming expiration dates. Additionally, you can send your contract to get it signed through the eSignature feature of Apptivo securely and electronically.

Miss. Andrea Nelson is the Supply chain Manager for Roy Beverages. She had created the sales contract for her customer. With Appptivo, she can send the Contract directly to the Customer Email and get it signed by using the eSignature feature. Please follow the steps on how she is sending the created Contract and get it signed by the customer electronically.

Note: Click here to know how to enable the eSignature feature.

Steps to Follow

  • Login and access the Contracts App from the universal menu.
  • Select the contract that needs to be sent for signature from the list.
  • Click on the More Details.
Contracts App
  • In the Contract Overview page, you can view the Send eSign.
  • Click on the Send eSign.
Send eSign
  • You can view the Send eSign popup with the list of Approver with their email address.
  • Then, click on the Send button.
  • Your Contract will be sent to the added email address.
eSign Sent
  • The Approver will get the contract in the mail for Sign.
  • Click on the Review & Sign button.
  • The Contract will get open with the pop up to Agree to sign the contract electronically.
  • Click on the Yes, I Agree button.
Yes, I Agree
  • In the Contract, Click on the Signature line.
  • You can view the Pop up with the Sign models.
  • You can draw your own signature by clicking on the Draw option.
  • Either, you can upload your signature using the Upload option.
  • Once the Sign is selected, click on the Sign button.
  • Your signature will get added to the signature field.
  • You can add the date by using the drag and dorp Date option.
Dated sign
  • Then, click on the Finish button at the top of the page.
  • Once the document is signed and finish, you will receive the signed contract to your mail inbox.
  • You will receive a mail with the Signed contract.
  • Click on the View Signed Document.
View signed Document
  • You can view the Signed Contract.
  • By using the Download button, you can download the contract.
  • Scroll down the contract to view the Audit Trail of the Contract Document.
Document History
  • You can view the eSign History from the Contract App.
eSign History

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