How to custom convert a record from Cases Extended App to Projects App?

Updated on May 29, 2020 07:26AM by Admin

Using conversion, you can easily get the data transferred without any loss of information. Additionally, Apptivo allows you to convert records from the Cases Extended App to Projects App only with the specific attributes.

Custom Conversion

Custom conversion permits you to convert the specific attributes of a record in the Cases Extended App to Projects App. The Cases Extended App is referred to as Tickets App.

  • You can access Custom Conversion from Settings in the Tickets App → Tickets→ Conversion → Custom Conversion. Here, select Mapping to choose the attributes.

  • Select the Mapping function of the Projects App and select the attributes for conversion.
  • If you want the activities associated with the tickets to also be converted, enable the toggle for the Activity that is to be reflected in the Projects App

  • The Summary and Description attributes of the Cases Extended App is mapped with the Name and Description attribute of the Projects App.
  • You will receive a notification once the mapping is complete.
Mapping Updated

  • Go to Show All in the Tickets App and select a record to convert. Select Convert → To Projects from the Overview page to convert the record.
To Project

  • Once the record is converted, you will be redirected to Create Project page. Here, the selected attribute’s value will be mapped in the Project’s record.
Create Project

  • You can add other values to the Create Project page and save the record.