How to automatically calculate the estimated duration?

Updated on May 12, 2020 07:15AM by Admin

  • Log in and access the Employee app from the universal menu.
  • Selects the Employee from the list for whom the Task needs to be assigned.
  • Click on the More details to view the Overview of the employee page.
Employee App
  • Scroll down to view the Work Shift, click on the work shift.
Work shift
  • Select the Add new option on the Work shift Dropdown. 
Add new
  • The Create WorkShift popup will get open. Enter the Name of the Shift.
Create workshift
  • Add the Start Time and the End Time of the shift.
  • Enter the Total working hours of the shift.
  • By using the Default Toggle, you can make this Work shift hour as the Default for this employee.
  • Selects the Working days of the Week.
  • Then, click on the Create button. Click here to know how to create and configure the Work shift.
  • Your work shift will get create and select the created work shift from the list.
  • Click on the Save. Employee work shit will get updated.
Employee updated
  • Then, click on the Task Tab from the Employee Overview page.
  • In the Task tab, click on the Create task.
Task Tab
  • The Create Task side panel will get open.
  • Add the Name and the Description of the Task.
Create Task
  • Click on the “+”  Add icon on the Assigned To.
Assigned to
  • Seach and Select the employee in the popup.
Search and Select
  • The selected employee will get added. You can add the multiple employee or team or Contact can be assigned.
  • Click on the Additional Information.
  • Set the Start Date and the End Date for the task.
Start Time
  • In the Estimated Duration, the hours will get estimated automatically based on the Employee work shifts.
  • For example, if the employee has 8 hours shift, the estimated duration will get calculated based on that.
Estimated duration
  • Then, add the Status and the Priority of the Task.
  • You can add the Reminder for the Tasks with pop up based on the time.
  • Click on the Create.
Remind me
  • The Task will get created and assigned to the Selected employee.
Task created
  • The employee can view the Task that is assigned to them from his login.
My Task