How do I add help text to a field in Apptivo?

Updated on May 13, 2020 03:57AM by Admin

Consider creating a help text in the Contacts App of Apptivo.

  • In your Apptivo account, navigate to the Contacts App of Apptivo. Select Settings from the App Header.

  • In the Settings page, choose Customize App → Master Layout. The Master Layout page comes into view.
Master Layout

  • You can select any standard or custom attribute in the Master Layout. Here, I have selected Assigned To attribute (field).
  • Click on it to view the Inspector tab of Assigned To field.
Inspector Tab

  • In the Inspector tab, scroll down to the Help Properties section. By default, the toggle is disabled.
Help Properties

  • Enable the toggle and add the help text in the Help Message area. Once the changes are made, select save.
Help Message

  • Consider creating a new contact or open an existing contact. Near to Assigned To attribute, you can see the help text icon.
Create Contact

  • On hovering over it, the help text will come into view.
Help Icon Added