How to set the Primary Caller ID in Contact Center App?

Updated on May 23, 2020 05:31AM by Admin

Contact Center App in Apptivo has the provision to set the primary caller ID. Configuring the primary caller ID can be done by both the Manager and the concerned Employee. Setting a primary caller ID is very useful when an Employee has purchased multiple phone numbers and each phone number has a specific purpose.

  • Managers can make use of the “Contact center App Settings” functionality to set the Primary Caller ID. Navigate to Settings → Contact Center → Agents.

  • Select the Employee for whom the Caller ID has to be set. Here, Samuel. Click on the Caller ID value to see the dropdown. Select a phone number as a Primary contact number.
Caller ID

  • You can see a particular number is set as a Primary caller ID.
  • Then, You can set Outgoing call Routing as Mobile or Computer.
  • On selecting call routing as Mobile, configure your forward numbers by navigating to Employees App. Here, select the respective Employee. Here, add your own phone number under the business category and do not provide any purchased phone numbers here.
Your Phone Number

  • In the case of the Computer, no configuration is required.
  • Once the configuration is complete, you can make use of this feature to make calls to Customers, Contacts, or Leads. Here, Customers App.
Phone Icon

  • The Employee can click the call icon to place a call with the Primary Caller ID configured in the Contact Center App.
Call to Customer

  • Since 415-404-XXXX is the primary caller ID, the customer will receive a call from this number.
Primary Phone Number

  • If you are unable to place a call from the Primary Caller ID, you can click on the More dropdown to place a call using another number as the Primary Caller ID. (In this case, please choose another number )
Secondary Caller

  • In this case, the calls will be placed from the selected phone number.
Secondary Number