How to set the Margin and Padding for the Header in the PDF of an Estimate?

Updated on June 22, 2020 04:31AM by Admin

  • In the Estimates App of your Apptivo account, select Settings from the App Header.
App Header

  • In the Settings page, go to Customize App → Print/Web Layouts from the left navigation panel. The Print/Web Layout page will come into view.
  • Create a new layout or open an existing layout. Here, an existing layout is selected.
Customize App

  • In the Print/Web Layout, drag and drop the Header section from the Palette in the right panel.
Layout Update

  • Click on the Header section to view the Inspector tab. In the Inspector tab, you can adjust the Margin values for all the four sides Top, Right, Left, and Bottom.
Border Size

  • On scrolling down the Inspector tab, you can also change the Padding.

  • Once the changes are made, add the content to the header and save the changes.
Template Updated

  • Select the Print PDF button from the Overview page of an Estimate.

  • In the PDF, you can see the Margin and Padding are customized according to the configured values.