How to configure the Margin and Padding for the Footer in the PDF of an Estimate?

Updated on June 24, 2020 08:16AM by Admin

  • Select Settings from the App Header of the Estimates App.
App Header

  • In the Settings page, go to Customize App → Print/Web Layouts from the left navigation panel. The Print/Web Layout page will come into view.
  • Create a new layout or open an existing layout. Here, an existing layout is selected.
Customize App

  • There is already a Footer section available.
Layout Page

  • Click on the Footer section to view the Inspector tab. In the Inspector tab, you can adjust the Margin values for all the four sides Top, Right, Left, and Bottom.
  • On scrolling down the Inspector tab, you can also change the Padding.
Inspector tab

  • Once the changes are made, save the changes.
Layout Updated

  • Select the Print PDF button from the Overview page of an Estimate.
Overview Page

  • In the PDF, you can see the Margin and Padding are customized according to the configured values in the footer.
Print PDF