Why can’t I see my values in the Kanban Card?

Updated on July 22, 2020 07:28AM by Admin

When there are two fields with the same name, then it is important to check if the correct attribute is configured in the Kanban Layout. Check out how to configure the Kanban card to display the desired field in the Leads App.

Adding an attribute in the Master Layout

The Master Layout of the Leads App allows users to configure the overview page of the leads. In addition to the standard attributes provided by Apptivo, users can also add custom attributes according to your business requirement.
Consider adding a custom Industry attribute in addition to the standard Industry attribute in the Leads App.

  • Go to Settings → Customize App → Master Layout in the Leads App of Apptivo. There is already an attribute called Industry in the Business Details section.

  • Drag and drop an attribute according to your business purpose. Here, a text attribute is added in the Lead Information section.
Add Text

  • Click on it to view the Inspector tab. You can rename the attribute name. The attribute is renamed as Industry.
  • Save the changes.
Text Renamed

Kanban View

When you view your leads in Kanban View, you will not be able to see the details of the desired Industry field in the Lead Information section. This is because the desired industry field is not configured to view in the Kanban layout.

Kanban View

Configuring in Kanban Layout

To view the desired fields and their corresponding values in the Kanban card, configure it on the Settings page.

  • Switch to the Kanban Layouts section in the Settings page by selecting the Kanban Layouts under the Customize App section.
Kanban Settings

  • You can either modify an existing layout or create a new layout. Here, I have selected the existing layout, default.
  • In the Layout page, there is already an industry attribute. It refers to the standard attribute present in the Business Details section.
  • Remove the standard Industry attribute that is not in use.
Remove Industry

  • To add your custom Industry attribute, drag and drop the Industry attribute from the Lead Information section.
Add Industry

  • Once the attribute is added, save the changes. Please ensure that the layout which is configured is added as the default layout.
Saved Changes

Viewing in Kanban Layout

When you attempt to view your leads in Kanban layout, you will be able to see the desired values in the Industry field as it represents the field in the Lead Information section.

New Kanban View