How to use the credits in Apptivo?

Updated on July 30, 2020 08:32AM by Admin

Apptivo allows you to integrate your account with and get the credits as per your preferences.

Click Here to know how to integrate your Apptivo account with

Steps to view the available credits

  • Login to your Apptivo account, click on the account name, and select the Manage Your Account.

  • In the Manage Your Account, click on the Services and select the eSignature.
  • Here, you can view the Plan details and available credits from

Note: Click Here to know how to enable the eSign Service



Steps to use Esign Feature

  • Go to the Estimates app, and select the estimates from the list.
  • Click on the More Details to view the Overview of the Estimates.
More Details

  • In the Overview page, you can view the Send eSign button.
Send esign

  • Click on the eSign button, you can view the Send eSign popup with the Contact name and email id.
  • Click on the Send button.

  • The estimates will be sent to the contact for signature.

  • Once the document sent for the signature, you can view the credits got deducted from Total documents.