What is Conditional Visibility in the Work Orders App?

Updated on August 13, 2020 07:57AM by Admin

The Work Orders App of Apptivo allows you to configure the visibility of every field added through the Master Layout. The configuration is available in the Inspector tab of the field whose visibility is to be limited. This feature can be completely visible or hidden. With the Conditional Visibility feature, you can make a particular field to be visible only when the condition configured matches in each record. If a record does not match the criteria, the field will not be visible.

For Instance: Consider configuring the Conditional Visibility for an existing field, Discount, in the Master Layout.

  • Go to Settings in the Work Orders App → Customize App → Master Layout.
Work Orders App

  • Here, click on the Discount field to view the Inspector tab.

  • In the Inspector tab, scroll down to the Visibility section. Enable the toggle for Conditional Visibility.
Inspector tab

  • Once the toggle is enabled, set the condition. Select the Driving attribute and Driving Values.
  • The driving attribute refers to the field-based in which the visibility criteria have to be checked.
  • Driving Values refers to the values that match the condition. If the value-added in the driving Values are present in driving Attribute field of a Work Order, then the Discount field will be visible.
  • The Driving attribute configured here is Status, and the driving values added here are Created and Submitted.
  • Save the changes.

  • Create a new work order or open an existing work order. The Discount field will be visible only when the status is Created or Submitted.
Visible Field

  • If not, the discount field will not be visible.
Not Visible