How do I analyze SMS in the Contact Center App?

Updated on August 31, 2020 04:26AM by Admin

The Contact Center App of Apptivo has a dashboard that lets you analyze the SMS functionality. In this dashboard, you can get up-to-date information on the total, incoming, outgoing, and failed SMSes. You can also filter the SMSes statistics based on teams and years.

  • In the Contact Center App of Apptivo, select SMS Analysis in the Dashboard section of the app.
  • The SMS Analysis page will appear. By default, the dashboard will display the data of all the employees using this app for the current year.
  • You can see the total count of all SMSes, incoming SMSes, outgoing SMSes, and failed SMSes.

Note: Failed SMSes refers to the SMSes that are not sent while sending SMSes to your contacts.

  • The bar chart displays the SMS logs by month to easily analyze the incoming and outgoing SMSes based on the month.
Contact Center App

  • On scrolling down, you can see the incoming and outgoing SMSes details of individual employees.
SMS Logs

  • Select the All dropdown to view the stats of your SMS, your subordinates, or your teams.
All Filter

  • In the year dropdown, you can filter the data according to the quarterly time periods and months in a year.
Filter By Year

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