How to perform a custom conversion in the Leads App?

Updated on August 19, 2020 07:15AM by Admin

Custom conversion enables you to convert the specific attributes of a record in the Leads App to Opportunities App. With the custom conversion, you can convert only the desired fields from the Leads App to Opportunities App.

  • You can access Custom Conversion from Settings in the Leads App → Leads → Conversion → Custom Conversion. Here, select Mapping to choose the attributes.

  • Select the Mapping function of the Opportunities App and select the attributes for conversion.
  • If you want the activities associated with the leads to also be converted, enable the toggle for the Activity that is to be reflected in the Opportunities App.

  • Here, The Name, Customer, Type are mapped with the Name, Customer, and Type of the Opportunities App.
  • You will receive a notification once the mapping is complete.
Conversion Done

  • Go to Show All in the Leads App and select a record to convert. Select Convert → To Opportunities from the Overview page to convert the record.
To Convert

  • Once the record is converted, you will be redirected to Create Opportunities page.
  • Here, the selected attribute’s value will be mapped in the Opportunity’s record.
  • You can add other values to the Create Opportunities page and save the record.
Create Opportunities