How do I hide the Useful Links section in the Projects App?

Updated on August 24, 2020 06:49AM by Admin

The left panel of the Projects App lists the Useful Links from which you can view the quickly accessible links. This section can be hidden when needed.

Home Page
  • In the Projects App of Apptivo, select Settings from the App Header.
Projects App

  • Go to Security → Actions in the left navigation panel of the Settings page. Scroll down to the Useful Links in the Apps section of the Actions page.

  • Disable the toggle to completely hide this option in your Projects App.
  • You can also provide access only to selected employees using the Privileges option. Those employees who have the selected privilege alone can view this section.
  • Here, the toggle is disabled completely.
Disabled Toggle

  • The Useful Links will not be visible on the home page of the Projects App.
Updated Home Page