How to insert attributes in the Content Block section of Apptivo?

Updated on September 12, 2020 04:48AM by Admin

The Insert Attributes option of Apptivo allows you to add other fields available in your application to the Content Block Section. Let’s walk through the steps to insert attributes in the content block section of the Contracts App.

Steps to insert attributes in the Content Block section

  • Connect to your Apptivo account and go to the Contracts App. In the Contracts App, select Settings from the App Header.
Contracts App

  • In the Settings page, go to Contract Integration → Print/Web Layouts. The Print/Web Layouts page will come into view. Here, either create a new template or open an existing template.

  • In the Template page, scroll down to the Content Block. If there is no content block, drag and drop it from the Palette tab.
Template Page

  • Once the Content Block is added, click on the Insert Attributes option to view the fields present in the Contracts App.
Insert Attributes

  • These fields can be added to your Content Block. Based on the field added, the values will be shown depending on the values in the contract.
  • Add the content and save the changes.
Added Content

  • Navigate to the overview page of a contract, select the print button.

  • The downloaded copy will display the Content Block section. Here, the value will be in sync with the contract selected as Insert Attributes is used.
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