How to customize the left panel view in the Miscellaneous Issue App?

Updated on September 17, 2020 06:18AM by Admin

The Miscellaneous Issue app of Apptivo has a dedicated left panel from which businesses can easily categorize and view the records based on a particular grouping. This left panel view can be further customized to enable or disable a view.

Steps to customize the left panel view

  • In the Miscellaneous Issue App, select the Settings from the App Header.
Miscellaneous Issue

  • In the Settings page, select Customize App → Views from the left panel.

  • The list of views that are in operation is listed in the Enabled Views tab. The All Views tab contains both enabled and disabled views.
  • For instance, consider disabling the By Days view toggle. It will be moved from the Enabled Views tab to the All Views tab.
All Views

  • On navigating to the Home Page, you can see "By Days" view is not visible in the left panel.
Home Page