How do I overview a retainer service in the Contracts App?

Updated on September 19, 2020 03:21AM by Admin

The Preview option available in the Retainer Services table of the Contracts App allows you to view the information present in a row as a side panel. Basically, employees can overview the information effortlessly on a single click.

Steps to preview a row

  • In the Contracts App of Apptivo, select Settings from the app header.
Contracts Apptivo

  • Go to Customize App → Master Layout from the left navigation panel of the Settings page.

  • Scroll down to the Retainer Services table in the Master Layout. Click on it to view the Inspector tab.
  • Here, navigate to the Actions section and enable the toggle for the Preview option.
  • Save the changes.
Enabled Toggle

  • Now, create a new contract or open an existing contract. Here, go to the Retainer Services table.
  • The Preview option is now visible in each row.

  • On clicking the Preview button, you can view the Retainer Services information as a side panel.