How to customize the SLA report in Apptivo?

Updated on September 23, 2020 08:19AM by Admin

The Service Level Agreement of Apptivo is one of the best tools that helps you to create and set the terms for the employee response time for the cases. It allows you to create multiple SLAs. You can also view the total number of cases handled by an employee within SLA by using the Reports option. In addition, you can get the filtered reports on the cases based on the events selected in the Reports section.

Steps to Follow

  • Login and access the Cases App and click on the More(...) icon and select the Settings.
  • On the Settings page, click on the Cases and Select the SLA’s.
  • From the SLA page, you can either create new or go to the Edit SLA page.

  • In the Create Service Level Agreement page, add a name for the SLA and choose the basis.
Create SLA

  • In the Events section, click the Add button to choose the event during which the SLA must be activated. You can create more than one event for an SLA.
  • In the Create SLA Event popup, add a name and choose the condition during which this event must be activated. Then, select the time duration after which this event must take place.
  • Select what action must be taken when this event becomes true for a case from the Actions field. Here, you can reassign the case to any employee or team. You can also send an email to an employee, manager, or team.
Create Event

  • On selecting create, a new event is created. Similarly, create other required events.
  • Once the events are created, scroll to the Reports section.
  • In the Report section, you can generate reports for two criteria.
    • Case is not closed
    • Assignee has not responded to email

  • You can set the filters for reports based on the events created in an SLA. The events created for Case is not closed will be listed in the Case is not closed report dropdown and the events created for Assignee has not responded to email will be shown in the Assignee has not responded to email report dropdown.
  • When no event is selected, then the system will generate the report based on the event whose time configured in the After duration is the longest.
  • When an event is selected, then the system will generate the report based on the time duration configured in the selected event.
Report Created

  • Once the changes are made, the SLA is saved automatically. Now, if you download the report for Cases handled by an Employee within the SLA, the report will get downloaded only for the event configured in the SLA.
Reports Page