How to apply Sort Range in Apptivo's Android app?

Updated on September 28, 2020 06:40AM by Admin

The Sort Range feature of Apptivo enables you to view the records based on your configured order. You can have your records arranged automatically in ascending or descending order. With Sort Ranges, you can choose the records to be arranged based on a particular field’s value. Let’s walk through the steps to apply Sort Range in the Projects App.

Steps to apply Sort Range

  • Consider you have created a sort range called Due Date in the Projects App from the Web platform.
  • Now, go to the Projects App in your Android application.
Projects App

  • Select any view. Here, Show All. Click the More icon at the top right corner of the Show All page.
Show All

  • Here, choose the Sort option.

  • In the Sort Range popup, select the dropdown and choose a Sort Range. Here, Due Date.
Sort Range

  • The records will be sorted according to the selected sorting order.