How do I add the Bill of Materials table to the Purchase Orders App?

Updated on October 4, 2020 11:01PM by Admin

The Purchase Orders App of Apptivo allows you to create and manage purchase orders of your items. This also includes the Bill of Materials created in your Items App. Before using this table, you have to configure the class and choice of items from the Items App. Click here to know about this CPQ feature available in the Items App.

Steps to add Bill of Materials

  • In the Purchase Orders App of Apptivo, select Settings → Customize App → Master Layout.
Purchase Orders App

  • Scroll down to the Items table. Here, you can see the Bill of Materials table is available. You can customize this table from the Inspector tab. You can rename the fields, adjust the width, and also add new fields here.
  • Save the changes.
Bill of Materials Table

  • Create a new purchase order in the Purchase Orders App. Scroll down to the Items table.
Create Purchase Order

  • Select an item that has a configurable Bill of Materials.
Select Item

  • In the Search and Select table, choose the Class and Choice.
Classes and Choices

  • On selecting Add, the items are added to the Bill of Materials table.
Bill of Materials Added