How to transfer an outbound call in Apptivo?

Updated on October 4, 2020 11:57PM by Admin

The Contact Center App of Apptivo allows you to transfer the outgoing calls. These calls can be transferred to an agent, team, or any phone number.

Steps to transfer an outbound call

  • Consider placing an outbound call to your contact. The Call Window side panel appears. To transfer a call, select the Transfer icon.
Contact Center App

  • You can transfer the call to a team, an agent, or an external phone number. When a team is selected, your call with the caller ends. Here, Blind Transfer is carried out.
Transfer Call

  • Now, the call is added to the Call Queue of the selected team. An agent from the team can answer the call from the Call Queue.
  • The customer will be kept on hold with music until the call is connected to an agent from the team.
Call Queue

  • On selecting the Agent tab, you can transfer the call to an agent.
Agent Transfer

  • On clicking External, you can transfer the call to an external phone number. On clicking the call icon, the call will be disconnected for the agent who placed the call and transferred to the external phone number added in the dial pad. Until the call is connected, the customer will be kept on hold with music.
External Transfer

  • Here, we are transferring the call to an agent.
  • You can perform a warm transfer and blind transfer.
  • When the warm transfer is selected, the agent who transfers the call will first speak to the selected agent. The agent can convey a summary of the call and then connect the customer’s call with the selected agent.
  • When the blind transfer is selected, the agent’s call will get disconnected once the call is transferred to the selected agent.
Add Agent

  • Here, the warm transfer option is selected and you can either cancel the transfer, merge calls, or transfer and leave. When you warm transfer the call, the Conversation section appears from which you can see the agents added to the call. You can also end the call for an agent by clicking the decline button.
Conversation Section

  • When you select Merge Call, it becomes a conference call. Both the agents and the caller will be connected in a single call.
  • Until the call is transferred, the customer will be kept on hold. He will be hearing music till then.
Merge Call

  • When an agent clicks Transfer and Leave, the call gets disconnected for that agent.
  • On the other hand, the call is transferred to the other agent. He can now communicate with the customer.