How to get SLA report with the count on auto-closed cases?

Updated on April 13, 2021 06:59AM by Admin

SLA report in Apptivo’s Cases app helps you to download the report of the cases that are handled within the SLA. Here, you can view the total count of the case that is handled within the SLA, and the total number of cases auto closed without any response can also be monitored.

Steps to generate

  • Login and access the Cases app from the universal menu.
  • Click on the Reports to view the Cases Reports.

  • Click on the Cases Metrics for Sender and select the Emails handled within the SLA from the left navigation panel.
  • Enter the Sender’s Domain and Senders Email id.

  • Then, enter the start date and end date for your report and click on the View Report.
  • By clicking on the View Report, you can view the report summary.

  • In that, you can view the following summary.
    • # of emails received
    • # of emails responded
    • # of emails not responded
    • # of emails resolved within SLA
    • # of emails resolved outside SLA
    • # of emails auto closed
    • Met SLA

Note: The auto closed count will get added only for the cases that are closed automatically without the response within the SLA.

Auto closed count

  • In addition to the individual status of whether the report is closed automatically or not, you can also gather information on the total count of the auto-closed cases.
View Report

  • By clicking on the individual report, you can take immediate action on the pending cases.
Immediate Action