How are contracts assigned to the Sales Reps in Apptivo?

Updated on October 15, 2020 04:30AM by Admin

The Contracts App of Apptivo assigns the contracts automatically to your sales representatives. This field is directly associated with the Customers App of Apptivo. While creating a contract, a sales rep is assigned as soon as the customer is selected. So, the Sales Rep who is added in the Customers App for a customer will be added here as well.

  • In the Contracts App of Apptivo, create a new contract. This can be a sales contract or a retainer contract.
Contracts App

  • The Create Contract page will come into view. The customer field is empty and the Sales Rep field is also empty.
Create Contract

  • Once the customer is selected, the Sales Rep field is also filled automatically.
Customer Selected

  • When you navigate to the overview page of the selected customer, you can see the Sales Rep is the same as the one added in the Contracts App.
Customers App