How does call routing work in the Chrome extension of the Contact Center App?

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The Contact Center App of Apptivo allows you to make calls from your Chrome extension. The routing of the calls, both incoming and outgoing, is configured from the Contact Center application in Apptivo. Accordingly, the calls are routed to a mobile or computer.

  • Log into your Contact Center’s Chrome extension with your Apptivo account. Also, when you have more than one firm configured in your Apptivo account, the multiple firms will also be listed here. You can access your Contact Center by selecting the desired firm.
Login Page

  • You will be redirected to your home page of the Contact Center App. Here, you can see the call logs.
Home Page

  • On clicking the profile icon located at the top right, you can change the status of your profile. Also, you can log off using this section of your Chrome extension.

Call Routing

The calls will be connected based on your Routing Profile configured in the Settings → Contact Center→ Agents in your Contact Center App. Click here for detailed information on call routing.


Routing to Mobile

  • When the Call Routing is set up as Mobile, the employee can place or receive calls on the mobile phone.
  • In the case of an outgoing call, the employee will receive a call to his phone number from the Nexmo phone number. When the employee answers the call, he will be connected to the contact’s phone number. When the contact attends the call, the employee can communicate with the contact.
  • In the case of an incoming call, the call can be answered from the mobile phone.

Routing to Computer

  • On configuring the Call Routing as Computer, the employee can communicate with the contact directly from the Computer without any mobile phone’s support.

What does this extension allow?

  • The Chrome Extension of the Contact Center app allows call routing to both Computer and Mobile for outbound calls. For inbound calls, you can receive the call only when the call is routed to the agent and the agent has configured Computer as the routing type.


  • When the incoming call is routed to the team, it will not be received in the Chrome extension. Instead, the call will be added to the Call Queue as per the configuration in the IVR setup. Read more.
  • When the employee is in Online status, the incoming call will ring for 20 seconds and after that, the caller can leave a voice message or the call will be added to the Callback Queue according to the agent’s IVR setup.
  • When the employee is in Away status, the incoming call directly goes to voice mail or queue in the call back based on the IVR setup. Click here to know more about IVR set up.

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