How to create a location in the Locations App?

Updated on October 23, 2020 05:56AM by Admin

The Locations App of Apptivo can be added from your App Store once the roles are assigned to the employee. Let’s walk through the steps to create a location in the Locations App.

Steps to create a location

  • Log into your Apptivo account and go to the Locations App. You will be navigated to the home page.
  • Select the create button to create a new location.
Home Page

  • The Create Location page appears. Here, add a name and code for the location. To keep it active, keep the Is Enabled toggle ON.
  • Now, add the address of the location along with the delivery instructions.
  • Finally, add the representative for the location.
Create Page

  • On selecting create, a new location is created.
Location Created