How to auto number the rows of a table in an estimate PDF?

Updated on November 9, 2020 03:58AM by Admin

The Estimates App of Apptivo allows you to add rows to your tables. This can be an items table, services table, or any custom build table. When multiple rows are added, there can be a need to number the rows in the PDF copy of an estimate. Let’s walk through the steps to auto-number the rows in the Items table in the Estimates App.

Steps to auto number the rows

  • Select Settings → Customize App → Print/Web Layouts in the Estimates App.
Estimates App

  • Here, create a new layout or open an existing layout.

  • On the selected layout, go to any table section. Here, Product/Items Sold table. Click on it to view the Inspector tab.
  • The Auto Generate toggle handles the numbering feature. It is disabled by default.
Inspector tab

  • Enable the Auto Generate toggle in the Inspector tab and save the changes.
Enabled Toggle

  • Click the Print PDF button on the overview page of any estimate. Ensure that the configured template is added.

  • The PDF version of the estimate will display the rows of the Product/Items Sold table with the serial number of the rows.

PDF Version