How to create & customize priorities in the Tasks app?

Updated on December 21, 2020 12:00AM by Admin

Apptivo Tasks app allows you to prioritize your tasks based upon the High, Medium, or Low priority tasks. You can also create and customize your priorities as per your business needs.

Let’s go through the steps to create and customize your task priorities.

Steps to Create Priorities

  • Login and access your account.
  • Click on the Tasks activity from the left navigation panel.
Home Page

  • From the Tasks app, click on the More icon(...) and select Settings.

  • On the Settings page, click on the General drop-down menu and select the Priorities.
  • You can view the list of default priorities. To create new priorities, click on the Create button.

  • In the Create Priority pop-up window, enter the Name and Description and click on the create priority.
Create Priority

  • The new priority level will get created and added to the list.
  • You can edit and enable/ disable the priorities by using the Edit and Enable icon under the actions.

  • Now, you can view the created priorities while creating new tasks.

New Task