How do I search the values on the Multi-select field for Advance search?

Updated on July 16, 2021 07:33AM by Admin

Apptivo apps allow you to add the filter option for both standard and custom attributes. You can perform the advanced search with the multi-selected values. In addition, you can search and select the filter values as per your comfortability.

Steps to Follow

  • Login and access the Opportunities app.
  • Click on the Advanced Search dropdown in the search bar.

  • In the Advanced Search side panel, click on a multi-select field. Here, Type.
  • You can view the search bar, enter the values, and click on the search icon.
Advanced Search

  • For example: if want to select Electronics and telecom, enter the value as Electronic. You can view the search results quickly and effortlessly.
  • Then, click on the check box to add to the values.

  • You can select multiple values as the field says.
  • Then, click on the advanced search icon.
Search and Select

  • You can view the search results as per your search preference.
Search Results