What is the BETA label in Apptivo?

Updated on January 21, 2021 04:35AM by Admin

Apptivo labeled some of the features under the BETA version, indicating that the features are still in the development stage. Apptivo has been working continuously to update the application enormously to meet the customer expectations. So, we have added the BETA label to some of the features that are still in the development phases like the Intelligence Dashboard, Reports, some Attributes, and Notifications.

We have completed the development of these functionalities for the below-mentioned app and removed the BETA label from those features except the Notifications.


  • Invoice - Intelligence Charts, Reports, Imports
  • Estimates -Intelligence Charts
  • Projects - Intelligence Charts
  • Contracts - Intelligence Charts


  • Opportunities - Intelligence Charts
  • Leads - Intelligence Charts
  • Customers - Intelligence Charts
  • Cases - Intelligence Charts
  • Case Extended - Intelligence Charts

Supply Chain Management:

  • Items - Intelligence Charts
  • Orders - Intelligence Charts
  • Work Orders -Intelligence Charts
  • Purchase Orders -Intelligence Charts

Attributes In Across All Applications

  • ToWords
  • Counter Attributes

Before Update

The BETA labeled on the Intelligence Chart

Before Update

After Update

The BETA labeled is removed from the Intelligence Chart, ToWords, and Counter Attributes.

After update