How to restrict the Convert Action in Purchase Orders for Apptivo’s iOS application?

Updated on March 5, 2021 05:25AM by Admin

Apptivo’s iOS applications allow users to perform certain security actions on the Purchase orders. You can make some actions to be configured to view/ disable under the iOS applications by making the changes on Security actions in the Web. You can control the actions like Convert, Search/Advanced Search, Duplicate, Print PDF, Cancel, Send and Resend actions of purchase orders.

For instance: Here, let’s go through the steps to disable the convert action in Purchase Orders for the iOS application.

Convert option is visible in iOS Purchase Orders

Hamburger menu

Steps to Follow

  • Login and access the Purchase Orders app from the Web.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select Settings.
Purchase orders

  • On the Settings page, click on the Security and select Actions.
  • The Convert action is listed in the Objects category. Scroll down to this.

  • Here, you can completely make the convert action by disabling the toggle.

  • Now, go to the Purchase Orders details page from the iOS device.
  • Click on the Hamburger menu. Here, the Convert action will not be visible.
  • Similarly, you can control the action for Search/Advanced Search, Duplicate, Print PDF, Cancel, Send and Resend buttons.
Convert Action missing