How do I customize Map View in Work Orders for iOS applications?

Updated on June 26, 2021 06:33AM by Admin

The Google Maps integration in Apptivo allows you to view in the Map View. While viewing the addresses in the Map View in a particular application, you can determine the attributes that are displayed while hovering over a particular address location from the web version. You can also get the Map View from your Apptivo iOS application. 

Note: The Google Maps Integration is available only in the Enterprise plan of Apptivo.

Steps to customize the fields

  • Login and access your Apptivo account. Click on the User Menu and select the Business Settings.
User Menu

  • In the Business Settings, click on the Services and select Google Map. Integrate your Google Maps account and select the app in which the fields are to be customized on the Google Map Integration page.
Google Map

  • Here, Work Orders App. Select the “Address” dropdown and choose the address that are to be viewed in the Map view. 

  • The changes are updated.

Steps to view the fields in Map View

  • Go to the Work Orders App. Select Settings → Customize App → Views.

  • Navigate to the view in which the Work Orders are to be displayed in the Map View. Here, Show All.
  • Enable the Map View toggle in the Update View side panel.
Update Views

  • Save the changes.

  • Go to the Show All page in the Work Orders App from your iOS device.
  • You can view the List View and Map View. 
Map View

  • Click on the Map View tab, to view the work orders on the map view.
  • You can view the address pinned with the selected default address.

  • You can also change the default address by using the Filter icon.
Address Dropdown

  • Likewise, you can locate the individual work orders in Map View using the Search feature. 
Search Results