How to set up Time based triggers in the Follow-up module?

Updated on August 20, 2021 03:23AM by Admin

Apptivo Triggers allows you to perform automated actions like triggering an email or updating an attribute based on a particular criterion. With triggers, you are able to specify exactly how automation will be initiated. You can add multiple triggering conditions so that the same automation is initiated for multiple events

Apptivo apps allow setting two types of triggers. They are listed as follows:

  • Event Based
  • Time Based

Time-Based Triggers

The Time Based Triggers in the Apps are initiated when we have to perform an action for a repeated number of times or just once, based on a condition. This lets you automate the action, whenever the specified criteria are met.

Time Based Triggers are built upon two execution frequencies. They are:

  • One Time - You could set one time trigger
  • Recurring - You could set repetitive trigger

Note: More than one action can be added for a trigger.

Steps to Create a Time-Based Trigger

  • Login and access the Follow-up activity on the Home page.
  • Click on the “More (...)” icon → “Settings”.
My Follow ups

  • From the Settings page, click on the “Follow-Ups” and select “Triggers”. Click on the Create button to create a new trigger.
Create Trigger

  • In the Create Trigger page, define the following:
  • Name - Enter the name of the event-based trigger.
  • Enabled - Slide the toggle ON, to keep this trigger working.
  • Execution Frequency - Select whether the trigger is a one-time event or a recurring event. Here, One Time is selected.
  • In the Criteria section, mention the condition during which the action has to occur. Here, a trigger is to be generated when the follow-up is assigned to Sarah Castro.
Time based Triggers

  • Select the Actions dropdown and select Update Attribute to make changes to an attribute automatically.
Update Actions

  • In the Create Action side panel, configure the attribute that has to be updated. Here, the Follow-Up Description needs to be updated as mentioned.
Trigger Actions

  • Click on the create button to create a trigger.
Action Updated

  • Consider creating a follow-up in the Follow-Ups.
  • As the criteria match, the attribute will be updated automatically at the configured time.
Time based trigger updated