How to remove Bulk Actions for a particular view in the Opportunities app?

Updated on February 7, 2022 08:42PM by Admin

The Opportunities app of Apptivo allows businesses to easily perform a single action on multiple records using the Bulk Actions option in any view. This Bulk Action can be customized from the Settings page where you can disable a particular operation.

Steps to customize bulk actions

  • In the Opportunities app of Apptivo, select More → Settings from the App Header.
Opportunities App
  • Go to Customize App → Views from the left navigation panel. Here, scroll down to the Left Panel Views section on the Views page.
  • Select a view. Here, Show All.
  • The Update View side panel appears. Here, go to the Bulk Actions section. You can see a list of actions that are enabled to perform Bulk Actions.
Update View
  • Disable a particular option to prevent that action from displaying in the Bulk Actions dropdown for a view.
  • Hence, you cannot perform the disabled bulk action in that view.
  • Click update to save the changes.
Disable View
  • Now, navigate to the customized view, Show All. Select the records in which bulk action has to be carried out.
  • Select the Bulk Actions dropdown. You can see the disabled options are not listed.
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