How do I set up the trigger when a particular field is updated in Apptivo?

Updated on November 9, 2022 05:39AM by Admin

Using Apptivo Triggers, you can automate tasks like sending an email or updating an attribute based on certain criteria. You may now configure the field update action by using the criteria. We've included a new operator called "is Updated” to make your job easier.

Since updating a particular field comes under an event. We’ve included this enhancement for all the event-based triggers in Apptivo.

Steps to set up a Trigger:

  • Log in and access the Projects App from the universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select Settings from the app header.
Projects - Settings
  • On the settings page, go to Projects → Triggers → Event-Based Triggers. On the Event-Based trigger page, select Create to create a new trigger.
Projects - Trigger Create
  • On the Create Trigger page, add a Name for the trigger. In addition to this, you can also set the event during which the action has to occur. Here, is the Project Updated.

Note: The operator “is Updated” only works for the Updated Events. Here, is the Project Updated.

  • To have the trigger in operation, keep the Enabled toggle ON.
Projects - Name of Trigger
  • In the Criteria section, determine the condition during which the trigger has to occur. Here, the condition is to generate an action, when the project Status is Updated.
Project - Trigger Criteria
  • You can make use of the “Actions” to set the type of trigger. Click on the Add button. The action chosen is to Send Email.
Projects - Trigger Add
  • In the Create External Email popup, enter the details From Address, Email Template, CC Address, and Trigger to.
  • Once the configuration is complete, select Create. A trigger is configured.
Projects - Action Created
  • Once the action is configured, click on the Create button.
Projects - Triggers Created
  • When the project’s status is updated, As the condition matches in the record, a new mail will be sent automatically.
Projects - Received Mail