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Today we’re pleased to announce a brand new integration available to keep your business systems tightly integrated with Apptivo. PieSync has now included Apptivo within their list of available products, allowing you to sync your Apptivo contact data with a multitude of other business software products. This integration is available for all Apptivo & PieSync customers, and you can read more about Apptivo & PieSync integration here.

Some Examples of What PieSync Can Do

There are a number of apps that PieSync can integrate with, but we’ve identified a few specific scenarios that we think will be quite popular with Apptivo customers:

  • Two-Way Office365 Contact Sync
  • Two-Way RingCentral Contact Sync
  • Two-Way Shopify Contact Sync
  • Two-Way Hubspot Contact Sync

Use this tool to see the complete list of apps that can PieSync can integrate with Apptivo CRM.

More About the PieSync Service

PieSync is a 2-Way Contact Sync tool that integrates 80+ cloud business applications. This means that when you update contact data in one app, it will instantly transfer to the other app in real-time. Each sync can be configured to work in one, or both directions based on your preference.

Let’s say your Accountancy Team uses Quickbooks and your Customer Service Team is working with Apptivo. Since these apps don’t natively sync contacts, it’s hard to keep everything up-to-date. This generates issues with duplicated or out of date information.

That’s where PieSync comes in!

With PieSync, you can have Apptivo, Google/Office365 Contacts and many other cloud apps in perfect sync all the time.

ou can also pick how you want to sync by deciding which fields to merge, which categories in each app should be in sync and much more.

Setting Up Your First Two-Way Sync

Getting started with your first contact sync is an easy process. First you’ll need to have an existing PieSync account, and log in to execute the following key steps:

  • Choose Your Apps
  • Authorize your Apps
  • Configure your Sync

The setup process is quick & easy for a simple sync, or you can have some detailed business logic place when configuring your sync to select exactly which field should sync between each system.

To get started, head over the the PieSync website and visit the Apptivo integrations page. PieSync includes a free 14 day trial to get started.

Where to Get More Help

If you are just getting started we’d love to help. We’re in the process of publishing a new help section on the Apptivo website, but feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.

If you’d like more information on the PieSync integrations and troubleshooting, please see the PieSync Apptivo support center here.

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