Key Business Benefits

  • Users can only access data that they’ve been authorized to.
  • With new organized customer data, time taken to access them has been reduced drastically
  • Online payment options were enabled allowing customers to purchase online expanding Metal promo’s payment options.

Metal Promo Case Study – Organizing the cluttered customer data and enabling Online Payments with Apptivo

Metal Promo located in Austin, Texas makes customized metal goods such as lapel pins, coins, metal business cards, military medals, and other promotional items for sports. They work with various companies and small teams across the world to provide high quality designs and finest metal products.


Metal Promo receive orders for Baseball promotional products such as race medals, business cards, awards and other promotional items. But request for all promotional products were not unified and the management was not able to track and follow the status of each request. They required a fully integrated Customer Relationship Management tool where data is available and visible in realtime to make informed decisions as it is a demand driven business.

Disconnect and unorganized data

The requests for various products had to be unified such that the management can assign it to a specific team member. They were not able to capture and nurture prospects, track their accounts, and identify opportunity.

Once a customer places an order, there can sometimes be changes to their requirement. Say, they might want a different color badges, changes in the artwork design etc.

All these meant that everyone were involved with unreliable forms, collaboration and communication. It wasn’t feasible for the employees to regularly check or read email threads, or search for attachments, or make endless phone calls, or wait for status meetings, or log into multiple tools just to get an idea of what’s going on.

Manual Payment

Any payments made using check or cash caused a delay in the company’s accounting. They had to wait for a report from their banks and then every manual payment had to be manually entered in their accounting application. This created human error, which impacts account reporting and reconciliation.

Unsecured data access

Business had different teams, resources and customer data. The data was accessible to all irrespective of the role. This was a big threat.


Apptivo has a popular and widely accepted CRM solution that has many apps which can seamlessly integrate with the customers’ existing solutions. Business Analyst from Apptivo analyzed the requirements in detail and provided a solution that has CRM apps, Contacts, Customers, Work orders, and Financials to solve the challenges. The solution suggested by Business Analyst from Apptivo enabled to manage their diverse processes and build customer-centric businesses.

Different layouts and views designed eases Metal Promo team to manage data for different customers who buy different promotional products. The contact data is viewable in different layouts. Now, they can view the contact information as a list by directory, by category. Similarly, a different page layout has been designed to view customer information. At any given time, they were able to view segregated and organized data.

Integration with website

Sophisticated integration enables staying connected with customers as well as team members. To respond effectively, Apptivo provided them a customized web form that integrates with their website to capture the prospect details. The form has options to select products and request for changes too.

When a customer requests for a change in their requirement through the web form, it will automatically trigger a notification and the changes will be executed. Also, other workflows such as work order and invoice are integrated to complete the change request process.

Online Payment integration

Apptivo CRM leverages payment process integration through PayPal,, and Zipmark. This helped in collecting payments quickly and easily. Earlier they were not aware of status of the order they had received, whether they were completed or pending. But now they can view the invoice associated with the customer. Customer can make an online payments. This allows for payment transaction to automatically flow into Apptivo Financial apps.

Secure data

With Apptivo in place, employees with only sufficient permission can now view sensitive customer details.

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