Accessing the API


Authentication will occur with every SOAP call made from your application. You will pass your firm’s API & access keys as parameters in each SOAP call made to our API.

Building a request

Building requests for the Apptivo API consists of 3 primary elements:

  • Initializing the SOAP object

    $apptivoLeadWSDL ='';
    $client = new SoapClient($apptivoLeadWSDL);

  • API & access key parameters

    $params = array (

    "arg0" => $apptivoSiteKey, // Apptivo siteKey

    "arg1" => $apptivoAccessKey, // Apptivo SiteAccess Key

    "arg2" => $leadDetails, // Lead Details data array


  • API method call with object data

    $response = $client->__soapCall('createLeadWithLeadSource', array($params));

  • Sample Code
    View a sample script

Status Codes & Response Messages

Status Code Status Message
1000 Success
1001 Error in getting result
1002 Invalid site key
1003 Invalid IP address
1004 Subscription expired
1005 Invalid keys