Web Method: createLeadWithLeadSource

What is the createLeadWithLeadSource Method?

This method will generate a new sales lead in the Leads App. Provide all lead details, including a lead source, and all information is then generated. Commonly used for generating web forms, or creating leads from email or other sources.

Method Definition

@WebMethod(action = "createLeadWithLeadSource", operationName = "createLeadWithLeadSource") -
public MethodResponse createLeadWithLeadSource(String siteAuthenticationKey, String accessKey, LeadDetails lead)

Expected Response

stdClass Object
[return] => stdClass Object
[firmId] => OnVHVwkJc/9MzG755ePHi+BBX88=
[lastName] => jk
[emailId] => jk@berijam.com
[country] => US
[leadSource] => contactform
[noteDetails] => stdClass Object
[labels] => stdClass Object
[labelName] => Custom Fields

[noteText] =>
Requested IP:

[statusCode] => 1000
[statusMessage] => Success



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